Canadian Fishing Guide: Where and What to Fish

Fishing has long been a worldwide favorite sport and hobby that combines relaxation, nature, and the competition of catching something bigger and better. Canada offers many different fishing destinations, as proven by its reputation for high-quality fishing opportunities. While there are hundreds of destinations from coast to coast, here are four of Canada’s top fishing destinations.

Tree River

Located in the western section of the northern Nunavut Province, Tree River has been dubbed the best arctic char fishery in the world. The arctic char is a specific type of salmon that has a world-record catch of thirty-two pounds. If you’ve never seen one before, arctic char is extremely easy to identify with a mix of dark green and deep red and orange and blue spots. Fishing for this elusive salmon is an adventure sure to fascinate.

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The History of the Meat Industry

Meal planning is taught in school as early as 3rd grade. Students are shown an infographic that shows how much of each food category is needed on your plate each meal. From an early age we are taught what we need and how to get it but rarely do we focus on the years of evolution that led to the easy consumption of meat.

In the age of the caveman, communities relied on the strongest to hunt and provide food for all. At first, the hunters were equipped with sharpened sticks; as they evolved, they’re tools developed and hunting became less demanding.

However, by the early 1800s, the large buffalo, elk, and deer had been spread extremely thin. This lead to the development of European and British domesticated herds and flocks, such as pigs, sheep, and cattle, creating a more dependable food supply in the U.S. Ninety percent of the population lived on farms in 1800, compared to the two percent of today. Families would spend most of their time producing clothing, shelter, and food.


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How to Identify Different Trees


Most people are confused regarding the differences between the Western Red Cedar and Eastern Red Cedar trees. The Western Red Cedar is also referred to as the Pacific Red Cedar, and the genus is Thuja. It is found mostly in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. It is located from sea level to an elevation of 7500 feet. Though it originates from the Pacific Northwest, there are imports in temperate climates such as Western Europe. Australia and New Zealand. This tree does not need much sunlight and can thrive in dense shade.

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Though it seems everyone has heard the old rule about not pairing red meats with white wines and vice versa, there is another well-considered side to this story. While it’s true that lighter dishes such as Sole Meuniere should be accompanied by more delicate wines, and robust cabernets pair better with heartier meals, the meat alone should not be the deciding factor in every wine pairing decision. Read on for more information on how to alter these time-worn guidelines and achieve the perfect marriage of flavors with every meal.

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The Ideal Survival Kit



A survival kit saves lives by providing tools and items necessary for rural and urban emergencies and the wilderness. The most critical items are flashlights, compasses, signal mirrors, wires, fire starters, knives, water purification tablets, saws, parachute cords, and fishing lines and hooks. There are different kinds of survival kits depending on the condition, terrain, and environment. A good example is a survival kit for a jungle safari must include mosquito netting, a gun, insect repellant and a snakebite kit.

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The Health Benefits of Eating Meat


Scott Zies – Health Benefits from Eating Meat

The conversation about the health benefits of eating meat can be sometimes controversial, specifical those who chose to not eat meat. Yet, there are health benefits for humans that eat meat regularly. Meat consumption has shown benefits such as the ridding certain skin diseases to an overall improvement of an immune system. It is a common fact that meat is an excellent source of protein but the benefits may be even greater than just a source of maintaining muscle mass.

Nutritional Value

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The Different Ways to Cook Meat



Scott Zies – The Different Ways to Cook Meat


Everyone enjoys their meat prepared in different ways. We are all familiar with the degree of how we like our steak cooked, rare to well-done, but there are different methods to prepare meat. You may be stuck in your ways of broiling your chicken or barbecuing your steak, but there are different ways to cook meat. Here is a breakdown of the different methods of meat cooking.

Moist Heat

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Nurtrients of Meat



Scott Zies – Nutrients in Meat


Meat can not only be a delicious meal, it is also packed with a lot of different nutrients. Depending on what type of meat you decide to consume, you are getting various types of positive nutrients that your body can use in various ways. From amino acids to b-vitamins, nutrients all positively impact the body’s different systems. The following are some of the nutrients found in meats.


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