5 Tips for Grilling Fish

  1. Practice

Practice makes perfect, and the same goes for cooking fish. The more times you grill it, more comfortable you’ll get with it. It’s best to start with firm fishes like salmon and swordfish and the more comfortable you get, you can start experimenting with softer fish.


  1. Don’t Overdo It

Less is more when it comes to grilling fish. As appose to soaking it in the marinade overnight, like you would with other kinds of meats – opt for a garlic butter or plain butter with seasoning. This will prevent mushy textures. Less flavor, and avoiding overcooking is the best bet when it comes to grilling fish.


  1. Feed the Fire

High heat works well when grilling fish. It creates a crunchy texture on the fish making It extra delicious. A good rule of thumb – the thinner the steaks, the higher the heat should be.


  1. No Flip-Flopping

Fish is known for sticking, so the less you move it the better!


  1. Quick Finish

It’s always best to grill longer on one side than the other. Finishing it off on high heat when you flip sides is key for the perfect fillet.

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How to succeed at catching Bluegills

We all love casting out into the lake and reeling in a special treat in the heat of summer. As bluegills and sunfish grow, they become more difficult to catch, but thankfully Outdoor Life magazine has put together ten tips on how to be successful – no matter the size.

  1. Think Deep

Sunfish and Bluegill tend to settle in deep water for most of their lives where they are safe from panfish anglers. Focus on weedy areas and stable water conditions. Live bat and scented plastic is the way to go to catch these types of fish.

  1. Go off the Beaten Path

Don’t stick to what you know, go and explore areas that you wouldn’t normally explore. If you can opt for a paddle boat, canoe or kayak rather than a motorboat for even more success.

  1. Watch Your Weight

You don’t want to choose any bait that is too heavy that will fall to the lake’s surface too quickly. You want to give the fish the chance to see the bait and identify it as a source of food before it reaches the bottom.

  1. Keep it Fresh

The healthier and fresher your live bait is, the more likely you’ll be to catch a large bluegill or sunfish.

  1. Make Noise

Bluegill and sunfish love crayfish and they make noise. By mimicking this sound by spooling your reel with a thin line you will see an increase in catches from these creatures.


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