The Essential – Wine & Meet Pairings


Though it seems everyone has heard the old rule about not pairing red meats with white wines and vice versa, there is another well-considered side to this story. While it’s true that lighter dishes such as Sole Meuniere should be accompanied by more delicate wines, and robust cabernets pair better with heartier meals, the meat alone should not be the deciding factor in every wine pairing decision. Read on for more information on how to alter these time-worn guidelines and achieve the perfect marriage of flavors with every meal.

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The Ideal Survival Kit



A survival kit saves lives by providing tools and items necessary for rural and urban emergencies and the wilderness. The most critical items are flashlights, compasses, signal mirrors, wires, fire starters, knives, water purification tablets, saws, parachute cords, and fishing lines and hooks. There are different kinds of survival kits depending on the condition, terrain, and environment. A good example is a survival kit for a jungle safari must include mosquito netting, a gun, insect repellant and a snakebite kit.

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