The Health Benefits of Eating Meat


Scott Zies – Health Benefits from Eating Meat

The conversation about the health benefits of eating meat can be sometimes controversial, specifical those who chose to not eat meat. Yet, there are health benefits for humans that eat meat regularly. Meat consumption has shown benefits such as the ridding certain skin diseases to an overall improvement of an immune system. It is a common fact that meat is an excellent source of protein but the benefits may be even greater than just a source of maintaining muscle mass.

Nutritional Value

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The Different Ways to Cook Meat



Scott Zies – The Different Ways to Cook Meat


Everyone enjoys their meat prepared in different ways. We are all familiar with the degree of how we like our steak cooked, rare to well-done, but there are different methods to prepare meat. You may be stuck in your ways of broiling your chicken or barbecuing your steak, but there are different ways to cook meat. Here is a breakdown of the different methods of meat cooking.

Moist Heat

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Nurtrients of Meat



Scott Zies – Nutrients in Meat


Meat can not only be a delicious meal, it is also packed with a lot of different nutrients. Depending on what type of meat you decide to consume, you are getting various types of positive nutrients that your body can use in various ways. From amino acids to b-vitamins, nutrients all positively impact the body’s different systems. The following are some of the nutrients found in meats.


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